10 Fast Facts About Baseball Player Barry Bonds

Barry Lamar Bonds, who is going to turn 53 this year, is a former African-American professional baseball player. He was a left fielder who played about 22 seasons in MLB (Major League Baseball) with San Francisco Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates. He has done a lot of hard work throughout his life whether it is the game he played or the struggle of his personal life. Bonds has been a true gem and always been loyal to his game. For this reason, we are more interested to know about this amazing personality and have prepared a list of some facts that will give you a quick idea about Bonds professional life.

  1. Barry Bonds is one of the greatest baseball-reference players in the history of this sport.
  2. Bonds always loved his school life but mistakenly his middle name was misspelled in his school’s yearbook. He looks amazingly handsome in his yearbook and still looks the same.
  3. Barry is a great player and there are many times when the pitcher faced him never allowed him to reach the base through a walk or a hit that made SIX.
  4. Bonds is the only baseball player with 500 steals club and 500 home runs. He is also the lucky member with 400 steals club and 400 home runs.
  5. He has served around 688 intentional walks and 1870 unintentional walks in his whole career. As a major leaguer, he has walked around 43.6 miles.
  6. From the period of 2001 to 2004, Barry Bonds played around 573 games and has covered 94% of his game.
  7. Barry Bond has faced Guillermo Mota nine different times. He had eight walks with a 1-1 home run which is a perfect 5.000 OPS.
  8. The highest strikeout of Barry Bonds career is 102 in a season. As a 21-year-old, this awesome season was his rookie campaign.
  9. Over the career of 22 years, Bonds worth was 162.4 bWAR.
  10. There are only three baseball players who have had multiple seasons with around 30+ intentional walks and Barry Bond was one of them.
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