10 Hidden Facts about Black American Singer Lionel Richie

Sometimes we think that whatever we know about our favorite celebrities is more than enough, but that’s not true. There are so many facts and figures which are completely hidden from their fans just because they have not discussed those things publically but apparently with someone close to them. Same is the case with 70’s and 80’s fame Black American singer Lionel Riche, and for this reason, we have lined up a few hidden facts about Riche which you may not be expecting at this moment.

Here we have 10 most hidden facts about Lionel Richie that you might be looking forward:

  1. Lionel Riche is a well-educated musician, not regarding his music but related to other fields. He has done his majors in Economics along with minors in Accounting from Tuskegee Institute where he got a tennis scholarship before he dropped out to join the band “Commodores.”
  2. He always wanted to be an interior designer or landscape architect before working as a recording artist. But his passion for music made him a great singer and a musician. His song “Hello” is still a favorite on millions of playlists.
  3. He is passionate about gardening and loves to grow bougainvillea flower.
  4. Richie loves to collect different fireplaces. He has a huge collection of fireplaces kept at different places in his home.
  5. Richie carries a sweet-tooth and loves to munch carrot cake and hot oatmeal cookies. He is really particular about his eating habits and gives extra attention to his overall diet.
  6. In the year 1990, he took the South African sensation Nelson Mandela to shopping. It was the time when Mandela stepped his first foot in the United States of America as an official part of the world tour. Richie got lucky to assist Nelson Mandela for a good time out.
  7. He is an amazing musician who doesn’t really know how to write and read music.
  8. Richie’s grandchildren have named him “Pop Pop” because of his intense musical hard work and the way he served the American music industry.
  9. The great soccer player Lionel Messi is named after him. This is all because of his powerful fan following.
  10. Lionel Richie is very health conscious. He gets up early in the morning and loves to drink a glass of hot water and lemon. No doubt he still looks amazing at this age.
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