10 Interesting Facts About Famous Rapper Lil’ Kim


When we talk about Lil’ Kim, we see great music and vigorous rapping. This lady knows how to flaunt and show her sheer talent to the audience. Kim is an African/American beauty who is known as one of the best female rappers till date. The Queen B is a public eye-candy for many years and there are many interesting facts about her which we don’t know about her.

We have selected ten most interesting facts for you to figure out this Black Celebrity closely:

    1. Born on the 11th of July 1974, in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York, Lil’ Kim had a very tough childhood. Both her parents are from Trinidad and she has one brother named Christopher. Her life went through hardships when her parents called off their marriage and it all happened when she was only eight years old.


    1. Kim was brought up by her mother only after they moved to New Rochelle, New York where she was color-shamed by the all-white neighborhood girls.


    1. Kim once stabbed her stepfather with a pair of scissor because of his extremely abusive nature and left home when she was 14.


    1. Kim did her schooling from Brooklyn College Academy where her big rival Foxy Brown also used to study.


    1. Lil Kim was rejected by Puff Daddy AKA P-Diddy as he didn’t believe that a female rapper was capable enough to reach the platinum status.


    1. Kim made her acting debut in 1999 by appearing in a teen series called “She’s All That.”


    1. In 2002, she won a Grammy Award for “Lady Marmalade” and became the first female rapper to see #1 spot on Billboard charts. Kim also received The Source Magazine’s 5 Mic rating as the only female rapper of all times.


    1. Lil’ Kim is known for her notorious and flesh-baring attitude. She is also popular known because of her sexually open lyrics, known as “gangsta porno rap.”


    1. Since Lil’ Kim started performing, people thought that is it her who is writing her lyrics or there is some ghost writer who is working from behind.


    1. Lil’ Kim turned down the famous role of “Evelyn” in the movie “Hate Me” just because she thought that it will disturb her rapping career and may damage her overall music image.

    Source: http://www.sosoactive.com/10-interesting-facts-about-little-kim/


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