10 Signs That You Are Secretly Racist


Racism is when you judge the person by means of his/her looks, color, religion, beliefs, nationality and anything to do with his/her racial identity. We commonly see a racist based on how this kind of person reacts and treats a person who looks different from them. These people usually react violently against members of a race they don’t want. But don’t be fooled just by what you see. Racist people are not easy to determine. And maybe, there can be times you are one of them. Here are 10 signs that you are secretly racist:

1. You may not think you’re a racist, but I really think that when you said *insert problematic statement here*, it can be a sign that you may be.

2. Conclusion through the first impression: Let’s say your best friend introduces you to her boyfriend’s best friend, and this is the first time you saw each other, and you get annoyed easily with the way he dressed/carried himself. Ask yourself where that annoyance stemmed from.

3. There are some races you just don’t feel. It’s just that, you are simply not captivated by them. This is also a sign.

4. You had a reunion with your colleagues in a hotel. When suddenly this friend of yours since childhood came with her new friend and now this girl is telling a story. You and your colleagues are looking at each other and then all of a sudden you find yourself laughing inside the bathroom because you can’t get enough of the way she speaks.

5. You easily feel uncomfortable talking to or hanging with people of other races or you rarely make any effort to approach someone who doesn’t belong to your race. Well, that could be a problem.

6. You and your classmate/workmate are sometimes talking of your other classmate/workmate with a different religion, especially when that person is not around.

7. You think a contestent can’t win the Miss Universe contest just because of she’s dark.

8. Being so proud to say something rude like “your music is rowdy,” “I can’t believe you eat food like that,” tell me something about your people, etc. These words are not appropriate. It can hurt the person you’re talking to, even if he/she is not reacting. These words can make him/her feel othered.

9. You hired the candidate with the same religion as yours and then eliminate the one that’s not. You just use your position to perpetuate racism. Such a disappointment, because this is really happening most of the time.

10. To think that your race is better than the others is the very foundation of racism. That moment you think that your one of the luckiest people becasuse you belong to your race is a sign of racism.

What are your thoughts? Do any of these apply to you? Comment below.



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