11 Reasons Why Black Women Have Every Right Be Angry


Vanzetti operates under the premise that these women, and women like them, aren’t so much angry as they are hurt. She desires to give them the tools to system their feelings in a more productive way than thrashing out.

I get it. The show works, and the premise and intention are solid. But as these women, and women watching, “do their work” to manage their reactions in a healthier way, I want to take the time to acknowledge the rightful anger of the black women who are pissed off.  But it will give a glimpse of why some women are fed up and flipping out.

There 11 reasons why black women have right to be angry are given below:


  1. Being thought of as “the help.”
    If you want to wear a white shirt, bonnet and skirt and you are fair, it is right to wear it. But if you are black women, people are laughing at you and they also comment on this resemblance to the help. It grates on black women’s last good nerve.


  1. Touching our hair.
    I get the fascination with black women’s hair and gradually natural hair. There is an endless collection of styles and textures that occur on one head or within one head of hair. However, when you just grab for it, it feels like an assault.


  1. Appropriating our style.
    It makes me angry to constantly receive messages, whether from our mothers or mainstream media, that our hair textures, hairstyles, bodies, fashions, and features are not good enough.


  1. Being bashed by black men.
    There’s a group of men who seem to have made it their life’s work to tell black women they’re somehow sub-par. It’s the guys who share memes that clown black women’s hair, weight, eyebrows or attitudes. They get it when the concept applies to Black Lives Matter, but not when it applies to black women’s rights.


  1. Black male silence.
    The male voices that cluttered comment sections for police violence are suddenly absent when the conversation turns to violence against women.


  1. Constantly being blamed.
    It must be wrong with her; even her education and adult independence become problematic whenever something in a relationship goes wrong.


  1. Black people have a right to be angry and frustrated. Despite the fact that some white people think discrimination is a thing of the past; ethnic minorities disproportionately live in poverty.


  1. It is time for white people to admit that they benefit from racism and white privilege. Then it is time for them to speak up, and work to help us do something about it.


  1. Each person, irrespective of race, should recognize his or her role in maintaining the current system and commit to changing it.


  1. The (former) Black President can’t speak his mind because he’s a pawn in a system run by white people. He’s smart enough to know that the protests were about more than two trials.


  1. When black people destroy their own communities, those in power get their goals met without having to do the dirty work themselves.

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