15 Words that Mean Differently When in the Black Lingo Context

Some words deviate from their common meanings when used in the Black lingo context. Here are some of the most commonly used words.


  • Ashy


Common Meaning: Related or pertaining to ashes

Meaning in Black Lingo: Extreme dry skin that looks like it has been covered with ashes. You will get joked if you have this skin type and are outside without lotion.


  • Bae


Common Meaning: A phrase that means before anyone else. In Danish, it refers to poop.

Meaning in Black Lingo: Short for “babe,” a term of endearment.


  • Boss


Common Meaning: A person who manages a group of employees in an organization.

Meaning in Black Lingo: A person who shows and is proud of self-management.


  • Donkey


Common Meaning: A barn animal.

Meaning in Black Lingo: A large butt


  • Doobie


Common Meaning: A slang term referring to a marijuana joint.

Meaning in Black Lingo: A wrapping method to maintain a straight hair style.


  • Fade


Common Meaning: To slowly disappear.

Meaning in Black Lingo: A popular men haircut style; an action to knock out someone


  • Hoodie


Common Meaning: A sweatshirt with hood often used as on outerwear.

Common Meaning in Black Lingo: Something that can kill you (e.g. protest against racism)


  • Hollywood


Common Meaning: The center and heart of the American motion picture industry.

Meaning in Black Lingo: The center and heart of the white American motion picture industry, which often engages the services of the same colored actors in stereotype roles.


  • Kitchen


Common Meaning: An area for cooking meals

Meaning in Black Lingo: The neck’s nape often with a lot of baby hair.


  • Light-skinned


Common Meaning: Having fair complexion.

Meaning in Black Lingo: Considered as more attractive, irresistible and socially accepted to the point that people consider skin bleaching.


  • Red


Common Meaning: Color after orange at the spectrum opposite to violet.

Meaning in Black Lingo: A flavored drink usually a fruit punch or strawberry


  • Sugar


Common Meaning: A substance derived from sugarcane often used as a sweetener.

Meaning in Black Lingo Refers to diabetes over affects close to 19% of black people above 20 years old.


  • Texas


Common Meaning: A southern US state.

Meaning in Black Lingo: Plural of “text” (SMS)


  • Thug


Common Meaning: A hoodlum or ruffian

Meaning in Black Lingo:  A person with several tattoos;


  • Twerk


Common Meaning: A popular American south dance step.

Meaning in Black Lingo:  Refers to something white people tried to “discover” (Columbising)


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