25 Black Playboy Playmates

Some of the most beautiful black women went against the stereotype, became a Playboy Playmate and took over the mag’s centerfolds.


  • Leola Bell, February 2012


Before being a Playboy Playmate, Leola had several minor stints with the mag.


  • Kylie Johnson, February 2011


Kylie is one of the very few Playboy Playmates who has an eye-catching tattoo.


  • Ida Ljungqvist, March 2008


Ida is of Swedish and Tanzanian origin. She was the second black Playmate of the Year (2009)


  • Patrice Hollis, September 2007


Patrice is a poet, a sports fan and an actress.


  • Kia Drayton, December 2006


Kylie is now a mom. She studied Sports Law at UCLA.


  • Qiana Chase, July 2005


Before having her own centerfold ,Qiana was part of the 50th anniversary Playmate search.


  • Serria Tawan, November 2002


Serria authored the book: “The Bunny Book: How to Walk, Talk, Tease and Please Like a Playboy Bunny” together with two other Playboy Playmates.


  • Nicole Narain,January 2002


Nicole will always be remembered for her sex tape with Colin Farrell.


  • Neferteri Shepherd, July 2000


There is no reference on her website to her being a Playboy Playmate.


  • Holly Joan Hart, April 1998


Rebellion was what pushed her to be a Playboy Playmate.


  • Daphnee Lynn Duplaix, July 1997


Daphnee is one of the most successful actress in soap operas of the Playboy Playmates.


  • Karin Taylor, June 1996


Aside from being a Playboy Playmate, Karin was the last “Snap-on Girl (Snap-on Tools calendar).”



  • Elan Carter Issue, June 1994


Elan is the daughter of the only surviving Temptations founder member, Otis Williams.


  • Stephanie Adams, November 1992


Playboy Playmates live colorful lives but Stephanie has lived a far more colorful life.


  • Lorraine Olivia, November 1990


Lorraine was a flight attendant and she did pose as one in her Playboy stint.


  • Renee Tenison, November 1989


Renee was the first Playboy of the Year that was black.


  • Venice Kong , September 1985


Venice was the last Playboy Playmate to be featured in Playboy’s stapled-style mag.


  • Anne-Marie Fox, February 1982


Anna-Marie is a professional photographer.

  • Ola Ray, June 1980

Ola was also the female lead in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video.


  • Rosanne Katon, September 1978


Rosanne had a relatively good acting career before and after she became a Playboy Playmate.


  • Azizi Johari, June 1975


Azizi was then the most exotic girl to be Playboy Playmate.


  • Ester Cordet, October 1974


Her centerfold was one of the greatest shots of Playboy in the 70s.


  • Julie Woodson, April 1973


Julie was one of only two Playboy Playmates to be Cosmopolitan’s cover girls.


  • Jean Bell, October 1969


Jean was the second Playboy Playmate and its first cover girl who was black.


  • Jennifer Jackson, March 1965


11 years after Playboy’s first issue, Jennifer broke color barriers to be the first black Playboy Playmate.


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