3 Makeup Tips for the African-American Woman

Many African-American women find it challenging to browse the makeup section in department stores. Having a dark skin makes it harder to find a suitable brand to match their skin tone. Most of the available colors aren’t specifically designed for black skin.

It’s difficult to find a foundation that is deep enough to blend while looking natural and not cakey. However, there are some makeup brands that are customized to meet the needs of women with dark skin. Here are some makeup tips for women of color and how to get a natural look without trying too hard.


  • Face


The first thing you need to consider is the color of the foundation, powder or concealer you are buying. Avoid products that are too light for your skin because it will only make your skin appear chalky and ghostly. Your makeup should look natural and smooth.

When buying makeup, we highly recommended that you try it out first before you decide to have it wrapped up. Ask assistance from a beauty consultant so they can help you. Apply the makeup in natural light so you can immediately see the effect.

In case you can’t find a suitable match, try blending different shades using a lighter and a darker shade than your natural skin tone. When choosing a blush on or bronzer, pick a color that falls within the brown or copper shade because these shades complement a dark skin tone. You can add a shimmer to highlight your cheekbones.


  • Eyes


The most compatible eyeshadow colors for African-American skin are metallic and shimmering tones. This may be bold but the shiny effect looks great on dark skin and makes your eyes pop. Bright colors also complements a dark skin tone.

You can mix and match your eyeshadow to get a dramatic effect. Apply a brown or black eyeliner to finish the look. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors.


  • Lips


If you prefer a natural look, use a neutral, earth tone or pink color on your lips. This looks natural yet glamorous. You can add a dab of lip-gloss to make your lips look more irresistible.

Another tip is to apply a lip liner to define the shape of your lips. However, make sure you choose the same color as your lipstick so that it will blend well together.

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