4 African-American Oscar Winners of 2017

Oscars have always been in great controversy because of its all-white award distribution. But there are times when Oscars have shown diversity in nominating and distributing awards to the Black artists. In 2017, around 5 of the most talented and versatile artists from the African-American community received Oscars with complete respect and glory. These artists proved themselves to be best for each category they were nominated for and whilst, they took a huge success home.

Let us have a look at all these successful artists who managed to take an Oscar home along with some brief description about their nominations:

  1. Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney:

Jenkins and McCraney won the Academy Award for the “Best Adapted Screen Play” for the movie “Moonlight”. Both of them made their African-American brothers and sisters proud with this utmost achievement. Berry Jenkins was responsible for the screenplay and Tarell Alvin McCraney wrote the story. Both just did a wonderful job and took the Oscar home.

  1. Ezra Edelman:

Ezra Edelman received an Academy Award for the “Best Documentary Feature” for the documentary “O.J.: Made in America”. This untraditional, seven-and-a-half-hour movie made a great impact on the viewers and the hard work of Edelman made him earn this prestigious award. Ezra Edelman was the one who produced and directed this masterpiece.

  1. Viola Davis:

Viola Davis had a great win this year and won an Oscar for the “Best Supporting Actress” for her incredible role in the movie “Fences”. This is the third time Davis got nominated for an
Oscar award alongside Naomie Harris for movie “Moonlight”, Nicole Kidman for “Lion’s”, Octavia Spencer for “Hidden Figures” and Michelle Williams for “Manchester by the Sea’s”. This great actress got speechless while receiving the award and made the whole crowd emotional.

  1. Mahershala Ali:

The movie “Moonlight” received quite a few awards this year because of its strong script, wonderful direction and an amazing performance by the artists. Mahershala Ali was nominated for the “Best Supporting Actor” award and fortunately, he won it and took the Oscar home. It was such a proud moment for such a great actor. Ali also mentioned backstage that he is extremely honored to receive this award as a Muslim actor.

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