4 Early Medicines That Were Usually Always in Southern Household Medicine Cabinets

There is nothing quite like growing up the serene country of the south. It can be quite enjoyable at times living in a rural area a few miles away from nosey neighbors. However, it also means being quite a distance from the nearest drug store, physician, or hospital. So, most people in the south have always kept a medicine cabinet with all the items needed for pain, colds, insect bites, and a bad case of arthritis flare up in their medicine cabinet.

Here are a few medications that were almost always kept in most black southern households:


Bayer Aspirin

The little yellow tin can of Bayer aspirin was a common staple in most southern homes. If you had a headache, toothache, earache, or just any type ailment, what was in this little tin can was the cure.  Twelve little tablets lined up perfectly in the tin.



Vicks Formula 44

Most people up north might have had Robitussin in their cabinets, but if you were in the south, your acquired taste was for Vicks Formula 44. It was the cure for just about everything cold related. Whether you had a common cold, flu, bronchitis, or even pneumonia, you better believe Vicks Formula 44 was grandma’s first go to medicine.



Yagers Liniment

Yagers Liniment was used for temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles. After a long hard day of outside chores, most grandparents turned to the brown bottle of Yagers to soothe muscle aches and arthritis. However, that was not the only reason they used it, it was used for bee stings, insect bites and just about any other ailment.

Vicks Vapor Rub
Your medicine cabinet was not complete unless there was Vicks Vapor Rub in it. It was used for chest congestion and a stuffy nose. When visiting your grandparents, it was common to see the Vicks Vapor Rub sitting on the night stand. For all that are familiar with the vapor rub, you know it has a strong smell.


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