4 Indelible Legacies of President Barrack Obama


He impressed us, we loved him, we voted him in the first time, he justified our belief in him, we elected him again the second time, and now it’s over. Barack Obama- the first ever black president of the United States of America has departed office and what we have left are memories of his time in office and of course the benefit of retrospective perspective that history provides. In this piece we look at some of the unique legacies left behind by the Obama administration in the eight years he spent at the oval office.

  1. Hope

Right from the beginning, Obama’s rise to office seemed very unlikely considering all the almost insurmountable hurdles he had to cross to achieve this rare feat- campaigning against the experienced and influential Hillary Clinton in the primaries. Running against John McCain in the eventual presidential race on his first-term ambition and contesting with Mitt Romney while vying to retain the office of president. One thing that will always come to mind when the name Obama is mentioned is a possibility, hope, the assurance that given enough faith and perseverance, anything can be achieved.

  1. No Scandals

If there ever was anyone who carried the office of President with so much grace, integrity and Charisma, it was Barry. His eight years in office were completely scandal free which is a big deal in today’s world of media invasion of privacy and social media proliferation. Any slight slip on the part of someone as popular as the leader of the free world makes front page headlines and blog discussion topics the very next minute. His wife and daughters were also as graceful as the ex-president himself, giving no room for any scandalous incidents and living with the level of dignity that befits the number one family of the United States of America.

  1. Economic stability

Another thing Barack Obama will long be remembered for is the fact that he was president during one of the most massive recessions that hit the American economy- an economic catastrophe that drew comparisons with “the great depression” of the 1930s. Obama as president was able to bring stability to the economy and bail out some of the institutions worst hit by the recession. Critics may claim that unemployment figures did not eventually drop as low as promised. But, guiding the country out of that economic burst is one thing that will stand Obama out in the place of history.

  1. Diplomacy

Without the tact and maturity displayed by Obama in handling some touchy and sensitive foreign issues. We could have had world war III right at our doorsteps, the nuclear situation with Iran was potentially explosive and could have been way worse than it went (there are still fears about what will happen with it in the new administration) the situation in the middle east- Afghanistan et al. has been relatively more stable between 2008 and now. Obama truly proved the fact that brute military strength is not the only way of demonstrating military dominance in the 21st century.

What are the other legacies you think Obama left in the wake of his recently elapsed presidency? You can drop them in the comments box and let’s discuss


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