4 Inventions by the African-Americans during Slavery

By Amandeep Thakur

Who could believe of inventing something when he or she has already been enslaved? Well, here are ‘The African-Americans’ and in their case this is possible. The Bold and Brave ‘Black people’, who have invented the amazing things under pressure, are a true inspiration for the rest of world. Their hard jobs done in the past are becoming a helpful hand in today’s world. They have shown the world that this is what the ‘brain and its strength’ is called. No matter, in how much disgusting situations they had been, but they worked their best and became capable of finding something innovative.

Benjamin Montgomery

Benjamin Montgomery was born in 1819 in Loudon County, Virginia. The Montgomery has expedited the shipment of merchandise. He had invented a propeller that could cut through the water at different angles and was effectively helpful; allowing the boat to travel easily over shallow water.

Benjamin was unable to take its invention’s patent rights because of the Patent Act of 1793 and 1836, as he was not considered as the citizen of America.

Henry Boyd

The Carpenter, master mechanic and the Inventor “Henry Boyd’ was born in slavery era in Kentucky. This brilliant mind invented the corded bed with the wooden rail. The beautiful bed that he had invented included wooden rail screwed into both the headboard and the foot board.

Though he was unable to take his invention’s patent right but he managed to earn enough money to buy freedom for his family and himself in 1826.

Benjamin Bradley

Benjamin Bradley was born during slavery era around 1830 in Maryland. He started working at the age of 16 and was put to work in a printing office. He improved his talent and earned a job at the Annapolis Naval Academy, Where he worked as a classroom assistant in the science department.

There he developed a steam engine that was big enough to drive the first steam-powered warship at 16 knots and the same ship was helpful in the 1840s.

Jo Anderson

 Jo Anderson, a Negro slave who was little known for his contribution to the great invention of the Mechanical Reaper. Cyrus McCormick known as the father of Agriculture for revolutionizing the farming industry along with his father Robert also had a black assistant named Jo. Jo Anderson worked closely with the slave-holder Cyrus in creating this piece of history. But no one is concerned about Jo’s hard work in helping Cyrus.

These are the black inventors who had worked hard in creating miracles. The tough jobs and the incredible inventions created by them in the slavery era helped the world grow. Though due to unfortunate racism the credits were not given to the talented hands but today we thank them for their astounding contributions.

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