5 Excuses Some White People Use to Avoid the Conversation of White Supremacy


Even now, in 2014, after all the evidence of how whites have oppressed Blacks over centuries, it is hard to get a white person to comfortably, honestly and intelligently discuss white supremacy and how it manifests itself today. The reasons are plentiful, none of them reasonable.


America’s legacy of racism is similar to other countries. It’s the old reliable: Since it happened in other places, it’s OK that it happened in America.


Blacks, instead of lifting up themselves, became professional beggars who try to use guilt to sustain their race.


It’s not a big deal. Slavery is part of the “social order.” Whites were enslaved for 1,500 years, long before Blacks, who were enslaved “only” 250 years. Blacks got off easy.


Blacks are enslaving people in Africa today. Why should we feel sorry if they are doing it to themselves?


Even the Bible justifies slavery of Blacks.

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