5 Makeup Brands for African-American Women

During the older days, makeup brands used to cater to a specific type of skin tone. Thanks to innovation and technology, the beauty industry is now expanding its target customers to include all types of women, race, and color. Now, women with dark complexion have more options that are more suitable for their skin type.  

This includes darker shades of powder, foundation, and concealer as well as deeper hues of lipstick and blush on that complement the African-American skin.

  • IMAN Cosmetics – Iman is a successful model turned entrepreneur. She graced the cover of numerous magazines and walked the runway for the most famous clothing labels in the world.

IMAN’s makeup line is created for women of color. All its products are designed for medium to dark skin.

The brand’s most popular and successful line is the mineral-based foundation which produces a sheer finish to make your skin glow. A lot of African-American women patronize this cosmetic brand because it is quite affordable.

  • MAC – This famous makeup brand is known for its beautiful and high pigmented colors. MAC’s cosmetic line covers a wide range of tones and shades. A lot of its products are suitable for women with dark skin, especially its lipsticks.
  • Nars – Nars is another popular and highly commercial makeup brand. Many women love its variety of colors and hues. At the same time, it is often used by a lot of makeup artists.

Many African-American beauties use its foundation because it blends well with their chocolate brown skin tone. This type of foundation produces a soft and matte finish on your face. Nars also has a concealer that provides maximum coverage for dark skin.

  • Make Up For Ever – This brand is another favorite of makeup artists. It has a wide range of foundation that feels silky smooth when applied to your skin. This makeup stays on your skin, unlike other cosmetics that fade easily.

Make Up For Ever is also famous for its foundation stick including extra shades that give off an airbrushed look for any type of skin tone.

  • Black Opal – This another affordable brand that is quite popular among black women. Black Opal is the first doctor recommended makeup for dark-skinned women.

Its foundation and concealer contains formulas that do not leave any dry and dull formula on your face. The brand’s lipstick collection produces a creamy and heavy pigment texture and color which looks great on African-American women.

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