5 Reasons Why We Love Hart of Dixie’s Lavon Hayes

Hart of Dixie is one of the most charming shows on TV even though it only aired for a couple of seasons.  The storyline revolves around Dr. Zoe Hart played by Rachel Bilson, a New York doctor who relocated to Bluebell, Alabama. Lavon Hayes played by Caress Williams is the town’s mayor who eventually became Dr. Hart’s BFF and landlord.

Here are the best reasons why Lavon Hayes is one of the most charming characters on the show.

  • He used to be a football superstar. Hayes played as a former linebacker for the Crimson Tide at the University of Alabama. He also played professionally at NFL for 10 years and led his team to win two Super Bowl Championships and four Pro Bowls.

He wears the number 51 on his football uniform. His back story as a professional athlete worked well with the storyline. Plus with the height and built of Caress Williams, he certainly did justice to his role.

  • He is the coolest mayor ever.  Hayes is the current mayor of Bluebell, Alabama. He is also a co-chairman of the Tourism Council.

Hayes resides in the Mayor’s Plantation with his pet alligator, Burt Reynolds. He manages a guest house and carriage house on the estate grounds. He is friends with his two tenants who are always at each other’s throats but eventually become future husband and wife, Wade Kinsella and Zoe Hart.

At some point in the series, almost all the characters in the series have been to his house at the Plantation. Plus, he looks so charming every time he wears a hat.  

  • He is the hottest bachelor in town. When it comes to the romance department, Mayor Hayes never falls short. The belles of Alabama swoon over how hot this mayor is.  

During the series, he gets attached to several women. In fact, his character goes head to head with George Tucker in terms of the number of girls they both dated. He even proposes to his high school sweetheart but gets turned down.

Hayes also gets entangled with Lemon, who is his big love. However, during that time, she was still involved with someone else (George Tucker). Their love affair becomes one of the major plots in the story of the show.

Mayor Hayes also dates Lemon’s best friend, Annabeth which adds more chaos to the story.

In addition, we adore how Cress Williams portrayed Lavon Hayes. We couldn’t have picked a better actor to play our favorite mayor.

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