6 Myths About Attending Historically Black Colleges

Just what are Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and are they really just for Black people? That is a question that so many people still today ask and believe a lot of myths that are told about the colleges. Historically black colleges and universities are institutions of higher education that were established before 1964, with the intention during that time of serving the black community. Now, all the schools admit people of all races. Some of the universities today have even lost having the African-American community as the majority population. 

So, just what are the myths that have been told about attending a Historically Black College and University?


1. Students who attend the schools do not receive a quality education.

Actually, most of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities have strict curriculums that are taught by some of the most diverse, well-traveled, experienced and educated professors. Some of the professors hold prominent roles as well in their communities. According to eGuidance, Howard University (HBCU) has more than 50,000 alumni and have produced more than 10 percent of the nation’s African-American engineers, business leaders, lawyers, and many other professions.


2. Historically Black Colleges Party all the Time.

You just can’t believe everything you hear. Sure, socializing and partying is allowed on the weekends. However, students know the importance of academics before having a good time. Partying all the time would come with a price that most student’s parents would not appreciate. Higher education is not cheap. Self-discipline is the ultimate determinant of success.


3. The people at HBCU’s are all racists.

Actually, No they are not! The institutions were created in response to the fact that no other schools of higher education would allow black students. They have managed to stay around and provide a comfortable environment, quality education and rich history. However, their existence has never been on the grounds of being a hostile or racist environment.

nursing-school4. You will not be prepared for the real word.

Wait! These schools are located in the real world. There are people who attend the schools that are from all walks of life. You are free to explore outside from just being on campus, just as you would on any other campus.


5. The degree will be undervalued compared to degrees from other schools.

There will always be people who feel a particular way about hiring people of a different ethnic background. However, that has nothing to do with the degree that is received from the school. Upon hiring the final analysis for a new hire is based upon performance and the contributions you bring to your job.


6. Only Black People Attend the Schools.

No again. There are so many different ethnic backgrounds attending Historically Black College Universities. All races are actually encouraged to apply.

If you want a great higher education and have been considering a HBCUs, go ahead and send your application. Give it a try, you will never know what works best for you unless you take advantage of an opportunity.




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