6 Ways to Keep Black Hair Moisturized and Healthy


  • Be mindful of the water that you nourish your curls with. Living in an area where hard water from the tap is unavoidable can result in dry, dull and tangly hair because of the mineral build-up that prevents moisture from entering the hair; combat the effects of washing your hair with hard water by using clarifying shampoos, leave-in conditioners and bottle water or filter jugs.


  • Apply a diluted solution of water and conditioner to your tress daily. Keep a spray bottle with ¾ condition and ¼ H2O for daily moisture, especially in the colder months.


  • Prevent breakage by applying conditioner to your curls before detangling them. Before combing, tresses should be sectioned, preferably in quarters, and conditioned while wet. Do not towel dry roughly. Combing, with a wide-tooth comb, through wet and conditioned hair prevents breakage, when done properly.


  • Comb through your tresses patiently. Combing quickly through wet, conditioned and tangled hair can do irreparable damage. Take your time and comb through each section of hair patiently and attentively.


  • Avoid disrupting your hair’s growth process by leaving it alone rather than picking at it. Your hair’s natural growth process can be disrupted by constant meddling and twisting after daily styling. Leave your beautiful tresses alone throughout the day.


  • Wear protective hair styles. Too much heat and stretching of your tresses can alter your hair’s pH. Generally, a pH nearest that of water is optimum for both your hair and scalp.

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