3 African-American Historical Societies

By Amandeep Thakur
The African-Americans are underdeveloped and for that, they are making smart and active effects. They are producing their own societies in order to grow and achieve their actual position. The history of black culture suggests about their crucial and terrible past. But the most vital thing that we should appreciate and grasp of their history is their “Zeal of living”. And this is what they have continued so far, they want to inspire their generation from their history. They want equality and they want the world to know about themselves that “Yes, they Exist”.
The African American’s societies we feel important to describe are “AAIHS (African-American Intellectual Historical Society), Delaware Historical Society, Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society.
African-American Intellectual History Society (AAISH)
The Afro-American Intellectual History Society is an organization founded in January 2014. The members of the society are working to teach their young generation about their history and culture. They are teaching their scholars in all disciplines, like African-American history, literature, philosophy, art, dance, and film. They are spreading awareness amongst the coevals about the black thought.
Moreover, they are encouraging more and more people to participate in the favor of their community.
Delaware Historical Society
The Delaware historical society was established in May, 1864. The main purpose of the social group is the elucidation of history”. The mission of the Delaware society is, to aware the world about their heritage richness and culture. Their vision includes “A society inspired and empowered by Delaware history to shape the shape”.
Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society
The African-American Historical and Genealogical Society was established in 1977. The Washington, DC is proud to have a group of workers, who have worked together and are still working on tracing the historical facts that relate the past to present and are compounding to shape the future.
AAHGS have worked with private and parochial schools to reach their goal. This society is working on large scale and providing its best services by combining with the rest of the world.
These organizations are working in flourishing the black people. They have developed their own methods to solve their own problems. The hard work that they are putting in their development is elevating them day by day. And this is because the world is also accepting their positive efforts to proof themselves correct for equal rights.
They are no slaves anymore and that is what they want in this world’s knowledge. The hard period has gone in books but still breathing on the grounds. They want the world to accept the truth that, Yes! They are black people and they are proud of it”.

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