8 Fun Facts You Might Find Interesting About Actress & Comedian Kali Hawk

Kali Hawk is an actress, comedian and model. She has starred in films such as Fifty Shades of Black, Couples Retreat, Bridesmaids and Tyler Perry Presents Peeples. She recurs as Shelby in New Girl and currently co-stars in the Cartoon Network series Black Jesus.
These are a few other inspiring facts to know about actress, comedian & model Kali Hawk:
1. Kali Hawk was a child prodigy, beginning high school at the age of 12, and gaining acceptance to prestigious New York arts university SUNY Purchase before she was 16 years old.
2. First film role came in the Lion’s Gate thriller ‘Holla’, which cast Kali alongside Michael Bergin as the sweet, unsuspecting camper Caprice.
3. First recording artist to debut a music video in a New York City cab.
4. Guest Starred in pilot ‘125th & Nowhere’ for Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment.
5. Appeared on the hit CW sitcom ‘The Game,” executive produced by Kelsey Grammer.
6. Hawk is of African-American, Native American, and German Jewish ancestry.
7. Appeared in several commercials and music videos, and she competed in the fifth season of Last Comic Standing in 2007.
8. Added to the cast of the In Living Color reboot pilot, which did not go forward. She also recurred in the sitcom New Girl as Shelby.

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