Disgusting Racial Slurs Non-Blacks Use as Codes to Describe Black People [FREE EBOOK]

Have you ever been to an Asian day spa and witnessed bouts of laughter and conversation in their native language that made you question if the joke was on you? Well, you’re not alone. We’ve all experienced discomfort many times at Asian spas after wondering what was so funny while my nails were being worked on.  Download a FREE copy of the “Slurred Speech: Derogatory Words and Phrases Used To Hurt People of Color” e-book. LEARN to recognize some of the demeaning dialogue and coded racial slurs used by other races when referencing Black people.

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One day, I overheard a nail tech say, “Hakui” while completing a Black woman’s manicure. I had never heard the term before, but something told me to look it up. Turns out, that nail tech had called the woman “burnt” in Chinese. The other nail techs in the salon laughed and began to mutter in their language.

Infuriated, I told the Black woman what was said and left the salon. I refused to patronize a business that use racial epithets to reference other people.

Still, that experience was the catalyst for writing this article. I think it’s important for Black people to know how other racial groups talk about us in code while in person or behind our backs. Being somewhat familiar with the vitriol language used to describe our people should encourage us not to contribute to the racists’ economy. The way that I see it, why would someone patronize a business that have such strong and dangerous perception of he or she?

This is especially imperative when dealing with police officers.

It’s critical to know the type of language that’s being used to reference us by those sworn to protect and serve without bias. The dialogue used by cops when referencing Black people might explain why some of them harbor violent tendencies towards us.

DOWNLOAD this free report containing a partial list of completely demeaning and disrespectful racist terms provided by the Racial Slur Database to describe Black people:



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