The Pillars of American Economy “Tobacco and Blacks”

By Kelvin Muhia

Today, America is known for its big exposure to tobacco products on this entire globe. All the nations are influenced by the large production of tobacco in the U.S. But who brought this cultivation in America? They were Blacks. The black people brought this ‘tobacco crop’ to the Unites states of America. And that helped in growing the American Economy and gifted America a new position that it holds today.

If we call ‘Tobacco’ and ‘Blacks’ the pillars of the American Economy, that wouldn’t be a wrong statement in real terms. The reason being they have developed the nation up to the large magnitude.

How Tobacco was brought to America

In the early years of the sixteenth and seventeenth century, the first African was brought to American’s colony Jamestown, Virgina. Then slavery system’s foundation was landed on the soil of America. The functional motive behind bringing a slave to the U.S. is to aid in the production of moneymaking crops such as tobacco.

How African-American helped in building America

As America took its political ties in its hand and freed from England the nation took charge of all the slaves, those were under U.S. The slaves helped America while establishing English colonies and also helped in sustaining privileged lives. They promoted the agricultural and boosted up American economy with their help.

The More and More slaves were brought to America

The excessive demand for cheap tobacco all over the world increased the vast supply of slaves. In the 17th century, the demand for slaves’ population increased from 100,000 to 1 million. The slaves were boomed to the plantation of tobacco.

Tobacco and Enslaved people

The Tobacco and slaves were inter-linked to each other because the slaves grew this crop in America and made it a commercial crop in the U.S.  Tobacco cultivation had become the chief mode making money during the seventeenth century.  The tobacco plantation was different in terms of slave labor, plantation culture, agricultural production, trade, and demand from the rest of the cash crops.  The numbers of the slave were directly proportional to the manufacture of tobacco.

If the foundation of any building is strong, the coming blocks are going to have inbuilt strength and exactly this has happened with the America. The blacks have landed the strong basis of American colonies and gave it a huge scope to enhance its economy. The slavery was beneficial for white people in all the ways.

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