Top 3 Action Movies Starring Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. Based on his long list of box office hits and successful movies, who wouldn’t want him to play the lead role in their film? Here are our top three favorite action flicks by Washington.

  • Inside Job – This is the fourth time Washington collaborated with director, Spike Lee. Although this film may initially appear like another ordinary heist movie, we certainly beg to differ, especially if it’s under the direction of Lee.

The story revolves around the premise of a bank robbery using violence and psychological warfare to play out its narrative. Washington plays the role of a New York detective and is pitted against a bank robber portrayed by Clive Owen. This bank robbery is far from the typical ones you see in the movies.

In fact, to throw a little chaos to the story, Lee brought in Jodie Foster to play the role of a professional fixer and Christopher Plummer as the bank’s chairman. Washington is tasked to deal with the negotiations with Owen and his team of crooks.

Inside Job is one of Lee’s most successful films thanks to a powerhouse cast led by Denzel Washington.

  • Man on Fire – In this film, Washington paired up with Tony Scott to create this action-packed revenge movie. Washington plays the character of a retired Marine who became a private bodyguard. He became the guardian of a young girl played by the wonderful Dakota Fanning.

The story presented the building relationship between Washington and Fanning where Washington tries to act as a reluctant father figure and friend to Fanning while he protects her. Fanning eventually gets kidnapped on Washington’s watch and the movie starts to show his vengeful character as he pursues and engages in activities to seek revenge for Fanning.

Man on Fire has certainly displayed a darker side of Washington’s character.

  • Training Day – Movie fans were already used to seeing Washington play the role of a hero. However, in this film, Washington shifts from his goody-two-shoes character into a villain as he portrays the role of a shady LAPD detective.

As he is paired with Ethan Hawke, he begins to teach him reckless and brutal techniques to corrupt Hawke. Washington’s brilliant and shrewd acting on Training Day earned him an Academy Award. This demonstrates his depth and ability in portraying different roles and at the same time, Washington has shown everyone that he can also effectively play the role of a bad guy.

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