Top Colleges for African-American Students

Now that things have settled down from all of the graduation ceremonies and you prepare to send you senior off to their freshman year of college, take a look at this list to see if you’ve chosen an institution that is supportive of minority students. Below are 5 universities that are considered to best serve African American students based on a criteria set by Essence Magazine and Money Magazine. The definitive list includes 50 universities; here are the top 5!

1.Princeton University


Facts & Figures:

Undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio: 6:1

Student enrollment: 7,946 total; 5,275 undergraduate

Average financial aid award for the Class of 2019: $48,600

2015-16 Tuition: $43,450 Total Fees: $60,160

2.Harvard University


Facts & Figures:

Student Enrollment: 21,000 total; About 6,700 undergraduate

Class of 2019 Admission rate: 5.3%

2016-2017 Tuition: $41,632; Total Fees: $60,659

3.Duke University


Facts & Figures:

Student enrollment: 14, 950 total; 6,485 undergraduate

2015-16 Tuition: $47,650; Total Fees: $63,273

Average need-based financial aid awarded: $42,345

4.Cornell University


Facts & Figures:

Student enrollment: 21,904 total; 14,315 undergraduate

2014-15 Admission rate: 14%

2015-16 Total Fees: $67,613 (for Non-NY State Resident)

5.Florida A&M University


Facts & Figures:

Student enrollment: About 8,495 total

2015-2016 Tuition: $17,726

2015-2016 Acceptance rate: 49%

For the full list of top universities that also support minority students visit —>


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